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Jul. 24th, 2007

  • 9:41 AM

Well, he's been gone for 16 days now. Only 5 left and Elliott's back from Tampa.
I was thinking for a while about whether I wanted to go to the airport and let Stephanie have the last show so I could see him right when he gets off the plane, but my parents reminded me that the flight might be delayed or canceled and both his parents and mine will be there so it won't be as great as it could be at the show if he showed up.
I just hate waiting this long!!! I wanna fast forward till sunday!

I still haven't gotten my AP Stats work or book cause Mrs. Aborn hasn't bothered to call me back, so now I'm gonna have to try the front desk again one of these days. Is anyone here taking AP Stats? And what classes are you guys in?

I'm kinda tired for a run before I go out to breakfast. But I should so maybe...

my classes are
AP Stats- Martin
Social Issues

Oct. 14th, 2006

  • 3:33 PM

Tuesday the 17th.
9 AM.
I'm going for my license.
I want it so bad and I'm sooo nervous.

Oct. 3rd, 2006

  • 5:58 PM


I finished my driving hours today. Bob was quite happy and I'm gonna go with him hopefully sometime next week for my test. I'm so nervous but kinda excited. I realized today how ready I am to get my license. I missed the bus and had to wait for my mom for around 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and i thought i could have been home and watching Grey's Anatomy by the time she picked me up. Ughhhh

Anyone who already has their license, help me.

Oh, and I'm also wicked jealous of Dumas and how he gets to go to the Eric Clapton concert tonight.

Sep. 7th, 2006

  • 3:56 PM

Ever have one of those days where they suck, but when you try to explain to someone why they sucked, you really just can't? Yeah. That's the week I'm having.

I have a lot of homework. I wish it was still summer.

Aug. 27th, 2006

  • 10:04 PM

i got back from my cruise to Bermuda today, and because of my Irish skin, I barely have anything to show for it.But it was so much fun there. And sooo funny!

Well, the first day in Bermuda we went to Shelly Bay beach and swam there, and there was hardly anybody on the beach or in the water. That night we went to walk around St. George, where we were ported, and there was a street festival, with all these dancers in the old fashioned costumes (ya know, the ones that make them look like Native Americans, except wicked festive) dancing around. I bought some stuff and watched people make asses of themselves in the dance contest.

The next day we went on one of the excursions where they take you to a small cove that no one goes to swim, and we snorkeled there. It was so cool, I didn't think I'd see as much fish and coral reef stuff as I did. I really wanted to go on the Helmet diving excursion, where you can just put on this air helmet and go to the bottom of a 20 foot drop and walk on the bottom and see the fish without having to get up for a while. But it was all booked. :(

The day after that we went to Grotto Bay beach and snuck into this hotel beach thing, and rented some kayaks and went kayaking around the bay. At one point, me and my dad were in this big section of the bay where all this little fish kept jumping out of the water, I guess they were flying fish? I dunno, it was just so cool. I've never seen anything like that, it was like a forest of fish just jumping out of the water.

One night, there was a show where this small cast performs a bunch of songs, and they were having a Broadway night. So while me and myt parents are watching it, they're about to start "Big Spender", and 3 of the girls get these stools and go into the audience, and guess who the main one decided to pick to sit in the very front, very center of the stage and get danced to like a slut? My dad.
I was laughing so hard, I cried.
I wish I had a picture of it. It would've been like the million dollar picture.

Then the next day, I was in this Talent show, and I just sang one of the songs I knew from my voice lessons, and it was really cool. I thought it was just gonna be a few people in the audience, but it ended up being almost a full house, and I sang a cappella. It was such a cool experience. And with all the people coming up to me afterward, it felt so cool. I felt like a celebrity.

So overall, it was an awesome vacation. I feel like I just wrote a fricken essay on it.
But I definitely missed the Cape and everybody at home.
But now I'm starting to wish I was still there.
No worries though, 2 days till school, right?
Haha, I know, I hate thinking about it, too.

Jul. 11th, 2006

  • 10:54 PM

New Schedule
Sorry for those that I'm not in the class with anymore :( :

And lotsa Landers.
But besides that, I started working at the Cape Codder, everyone's wicked nice there and everything, and the job is pretty relaxed. I'm really happy I'm working there.
Also, opening for Rumple was last weekend, and it all pulled together, basically, like usual. If you haven't seen it, come tomorrow, thursday, friday, sat, and next week from tuesday-saturday. But I'll be my part this thursday, next tuesday and next friday. Every other day I'll be an alien in the most random chase scene ever, at the very end. And if I have to, I might fill in to be a slutty Bee girl again. I know, you're getting turned on. It's okay.
And I haven't talked to Elliot in so long. Just thought you should umm..all know that. Haha

Jun. 26th, 2006

  • 9:37 AM

oh, and here's my schedule, but it's gonna change cause i need Spanish cp2, not honors:

Spanish- Van Cor
Chem- Hughes
Us Hist- Eno
Chamber Ch.
English- Billard
Algebra 2- Crook
And Landers put me in A Cappella. Which means more days i can't go home and sleep or do something else then be at school. Grrrrr..
And my first day at the Cape Codder is Tuesday night, and I'll have my in-service training. Wicked pumped.
Not too pumped about Rumplestiltzskin. Don't know any of my lines, and we open in 11 days. Hurrah.

Jun. 23rd, 2006

  • 4:31 PM

I have been wicked busy this week.

Basically, all I did was go to my LGT class, and sometimes go to drama. And megan's :). But guess what? Today was my LAST DAY OF TRAINING!!! WOOO!!!
And my test to get my certs is on Sunday, so tomorrow I can actually sleep. Soooo excited.

Last night me, Ari, Megan, Jacqui and Kelly went to the beach and Friendly's, then to Megan's and swam. At the beach, i pretended i was saving Jacqui, and i pointed to someone and said "You! Go call 9-1!....1!"
and Jacqui wouldn't let me live it down, haha. I really am due for a complete Fantastic Five + 1 sleep over.

I'm just so happy this class is over.

Jun. 18th, 2006

  • 11:28 AM

I'm really happy it's summer.
Today I'm trying out for this lifeguarding class so I can get my certificate and so I can work at the Cape Codder as a lifeguard. I hope I make it..
Yesterday, me and Ari went to the Y to do some laps, then I went to Kelly's parents' Anniversary party. Me and Kelly sang karaoke, we sang Lady Marmalade, I could've danced all night, and For Good from Wicked for her parents. It was mucho fun.
I'm really excited it's summer.

Jun. 13th, 2006

  • 6:55 PM

I got my English and History exams over with
I didn't finish Randall's exam, but she doesn't care, and Dumas' multiple choice were kinda hard, but I did pretty good on the essay. Cause you people care so much :).

I cannot wait till Thursday afternoon. I just realized that I'm not gonna have to wait till the weekend to do stuff. I can do something every day. I'm soooo excited!

+ I might be able to go to Six Flags or Bermuda this summer. :)



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